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100G QSFP28 coherent DWDM transceivers will be sampling in June 2024 and will be available in production quantities in 24Q4

XenOpt transceivers will allow coherent hi-power DWDM 100Gbit connections on up to 80 km distances without optical amplification and up to 120km distances with optical amplification. Versions with standard and high TX power will be available. High power versions can also be used in standard DWDM amplified transport systems designed for 10Gb channels. These transceivers will be compatible with most 100Gb and 400Gb switches that now can not use QSFP-DD transceivers that require ports with high power capability.

Cost effective DWDM amplified single wire systems with 8 to 20 channels available

SoftNet deployed long distance single fiber amplified DWDM system transporting 16 channels between Ljubljana and Zagreb with redundant fiber connections with optical distances exceeding 180km.

This is an example of cost effective solution with low CaPex and even lover OpEx, since all communication is using a single fiber strand. Systems allow multi stage amplification and OADM add/drop locations on long distance track.

XenOpt XProg – Now also on Linux!

Experience seamless firmware upgrades and in-field module reprogramming with XenOpt’s pluggable programmers now compatible with both Windows and Linux clients. Our beta version for Linux users is constantly being improved, so please bear with us as we work out any bugs. For support or other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Instructions for installing the latest version of the XenOpt XProg flasher utility can be found here: XProg on Linux system

Arnes upgraded its core WAN network to 400Gb speed using XenOpt 400Gb ZR+ transceivers

A large number of XKDH84-C0LY Hi power XenOpt 400Gb ZR+ coherent  DWDM transceivers were used to upgrade core WAN network of Arnes (academic research and education ISP). Initial deployment used more than 20 connections with distances between 60 and 500km were used to upgrade their existing WAN transport system. 

Connections are currently running at 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s speed are all up-gradable to 400Gb speed, providing ample bandwidth with ability to upgrade as will be required by users. 

XenOpt  provides 400Gb ZR and ZR+ coherent transceivers with Hi power and standard power TX since March 2023 with a large number of deployed transceivers in operation at various customers.