Arnes upgraded its core WAN network to 400Gb speed using XenOpt 400Gb ZR+ transceivers

A large number of XKDH84-C0LY Hi power XenOpt 400Gb ZR+ coherent  DWDM transceivers were used to upgrade core WAN network of Arnes (academic research and education ISP). Initial deployment used more than 20 connections with distances between 60 and 500km were used to upgrade their existing WAN transport system. 

Connections are currently running at 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s speed are all up-gradable to 400Gb speed, providing ample bandwidth with ability to upgrade as will be required by users. 

XenOpt  provides 400Gb ZR and ZR+ coherent transceivers with Hi power and standard power TX since March 2023 with a large number of deployed transceivers in operation at various customers.